Potted Plants / Horticultural plants for transportation

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Potted Plants / Horticultural plants for transportation

Here at Boxed Up Logistics we have experienced horticultural drivers to transport your live plants and trees. Live plants and trees need to be handled with a delicate hand to ensure they remain in the exact same condition that we collected them in. The customer would want live plants and trees for display so they need to look attractive and appeasing upon delivery just as much as upon collection. Boxed Up Logistics can offer you a same day courier service for your horticultural plants whether you are a florist, within construction, landscaping, garden centres or any other sector whichever it may be. Below you can find out more about how we transport and handle your live plants and trees.

Our Ideal Client

Our client is a well-known garden centre who frequently needs live plants and trees transported. Most of these plants are extremely delicate and are used for mainly commercial customers across the landscaping sectors. However, we have previously transported to private properties – there is no limitations as to where or who we deliver for.

There is a lot of background work carried out to get such plants and trees onto the shelves, and we ensure this work is continued until they reach the delivery point, like all of our jobs, each driver is given an individual brief and with our horticultural deliveries specially are always given a 'fragile' brief so that the driver knows the importance of how to handle the live trees and plants.

As soon as the trees have gone through their first stages of life and are now ready for transport is when our client contacts us and is expecting (and relying) on us to ensure we give a secure, educated and efficient delivery to get their plants and trees to their delivery point in a safe and timely manner.

Clients Brief

The client contacted us here at Boxed Up Logistics and asked us to transport over 200 plants, with us having a small fleet, we used not only our fleet and drivers but we also worked alongside our sub-contractors to be able to provide an appropriate solution to get the plants from A to B safely following the exact brief given by the client – including some needing to be in a temperature-controlled environment

Firstly, we carefully studied the brief and had to assess which vehicle from our fleet would best suit the client. The size, weight, shape and special characteristics such as temperature controlled, as mentioned, were taken in to account. We used a short wheel base van for the potted plants to go to the private homes, and we used an extra-long wheel base van with a temperature-controlled compartment to go to the garden centre ready for these to be sold.

Our client already knew a guideline of cost to transport these plants as they had used our online quote form from our website. This allowed them to type in the relevant information for their delivery, including post codes of collection and delivery site(s) and the size, shape and any other important briefs in order to get themselves a quote into their inbox within 24 hours. Our client knows that we offer a 60-minute collection time in the event that they may need plants and trees urgently and cannot wait for a quote. Just ring our headquarters using the contact details on our website and they can expect to book a 60-minute collection window.

The Test

Here at Boxed Up we like to ensure our drivers (and fleet) are given the correct tools needed for the job and this is why our jobs go straightforward no matter how challenging and precise they may be. All drivers are supplied with blankets, straps and a sack barrow to assist in keeping items safe in transit.

Plants and trees are prone to being mishandled during transport, whether that be bashed about in transit or during the loading / unloading process. With our drivers being so dedicated to providing an excellent service every time, we are able to eliminate damage from the minute we arrive to load and to the exact point of delivery

As an experienced courier in horticulture couriering, we were able to quickly understand the clients brief and allocate the correct and suitable vehicle to the job to ensure steps are followed as per our guidelines and our customers advice

This all being said; how did our client feel about the service we provided?

The client gifted a potted plant for our office as they felt we had exceeded their expectations and gone above and beyond what was asked of us. We have since continued doing their deliveries for them, whether that be for private, commercial or bulk orders.

So, if you are a garden centre, plant nursery, landscaper or if you want some plants for your garden then we operate a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service. With this information, matched with our well-educated drivers and precise service we put into delivering your horticulture goods, what more could you need from a courier service?

Browse through our range of fleet & social media posts of our previous deliveries that we have completed and fill out our quote form now to receive a quote same day!

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